Month: October 2022

car sex

Car Sex: On the Road to Trouble

It’s a change of bed, but it’s a crime.

Who doesn’t remember this cult scene from Titanic in which Rose and Jack finally indulge in their all-consuming passion in a 1910 Renault Type CB, their hands leaving marks on the steamy windows? So sexy… The Crash book , adapted by David Cronenberg for the cinema, depicts people who only make love in wrecked cars. And reality joins fiction, because yes, the automobile remains a place of fantasies.

57% of French people have already made love there – in detail, 54% of women and 60% of men. According to an Ipsos survey for eBay dating from September 2016, France comes in third place behind the Italians (with 70%) and the Spaniards (68%). Nothing surprising according to Dr. Marion Alexandre, psychiatrist in Paris: “The car is nothing but an extension of our body. By this very fact, it is loaded with meaning, with fantasies. Psychiatrists go even further: the automobile would be nothing less than a phallic extension. The mechanics of the car reinforces this symbolism because it is even a symbol of power, speed, strength. And as the car has a price, it is also an instrument of social positioning.

Neither nus, nor connus

Yes, but be careful not to get caught in car sex… by the police. Recall that according to article 222-32 of the penal code , “sexual exhibition imposed on the sight of others in a place accessible to the public gaze is punishable by one year’s imprisonment and 15,000 euros in fine”. To avoid ending up broke or behind bars, why not plan an outfit that’s as easy to take off as it is to put back on, as was the case for Victoria and Gabriel, who tell us that they were able to get dressed in record time when it happened. turned out to be necessary.

On September 15, 2018, on the highway linking Valladolid and Madrid in Spain, a couple was filmed in full action at 130km/h.

“The moment we finished, in the back seat, two voices shouted, ‘Document check!'” Victoria recalls. “My heart raced, Gabriel rolled down the window, two cops were there, still with their torches blinding us. They stared at us for long seconds. Caught almost in flagrante delicto, we dared not move. We replied that we were talking. As we were dressed, they had no proof. At the time, we thought they were going to take us on board and fine us. But, to our great relief, they eventually left. They simply ordered us to do the same.” Neither naked nor known.


Another concern, parking , which remains prohibited on a delivery place or on a pedestrian crossing, whether the desire is too urgent or not. And ” poorly parked” means a fine of 35 to 135 euros . Not to mention the fact that you have to choose the place carefully, so avoid the village square, as an Italian couple did in Bella, in the north of the country. Francesco and Erika were caught “completely naked, on top of each other” , as the Carabinieri report reads, which earned them a prison sentence . We don’t mess with modesty.

There remains Guadalajara in Mexico, where sex in public places is allowed.

In France, the communication department of the national police explains its method: “If it is near a school or even in a wood, to prevent it from becoming a dangerous place, we obviously have to verbalize.” On the other hand, the police say they are “also showing discernment” . In other words, we do not condemn the … Read the rest

Heat and libido

Heat and libido, a too hot cocktail

It’s not always easy to have fun in temperatures over 40 degrees… But it would still be a shame to do without it.

Yes, summer is good for sex. That’s a fact. We are generally on vacation, more relaxed, more available, less caught up in the frenzy of everyday life. The bodies are exposed, simply dressed in a little short dress or a tight t-shirt. The figures bear this out: according to an IFOP survey from 2017 , 73% of men and 63% of women say they want to make love more during the summer, but only 58% of men and 54% of women actually do more at this time.

It must be said that the hormones are boiling. Light increases the secretion of serotonin, the hormone of happiness and motivation . Dr. Albert Barbaro , sexologist, confirms : “It gives us more joy, more cheerfulness, so we are more inclined to meet people and to be interested in our sexuality.”

Nine months after each heat wave, there are 5 to 6% fewer births.

In addition, cortisol decreases and drives out stress, which is not our libido’s best ally. Not to mention the vitamin D secreted by the skin in contact with the sun, which boosts testosterone in men, the sex hormone par excellence. So far, nothing new under the sun.

The heat wave inhibits our libido

The heat is okay, but the heat wave is something else. There is no more serotonin and relaxation that hold. A report by the National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) revealed that nine months after each heat wave, there were 5 to 6% fewer births. The effects of high heat are deleterious for the parts of the legs in the air. At the top of the discomforts felt comes first excessive sweating for 63% of people questioned by Opinon Way for CLIMSOM ; then sleep disorders (60%) and the feeling of fatigue (59%). In this context, there is not much room for a little sex marathon.

However, we will have to find a way to accommodate ourselves to these climate changes, especially as the situation is going to get worse. “With climate change, these events happen earlier and last until later in the year, they are also more intense than what they may have been in the past ,” explains Aglaé Jezequel, climatologist . “Today is the exception, but the climate is changing and we can already expect the heat waves to come earlier.”

We’re still not going to stop the sex! Especially since many researchers have shown that making love is good for your health , whether at the level of stress, for strengthening the heart and even to protect against certain cancers. Oxytocin, the breastfeeding and orgasm hormone, would protect women from breast cancer. On the men’s side, frequent ejaculations reduce the risk of prostate cancer. It also improves blood circulation, and regular sexual activity increases neural connections.

In the event of strong heat, the French are 37% to plebiscite the doggy style

Small bonus: according to the British psychologist David Weeks, sex could make us gain seven years of age … in appearance. A real makeover. It is therefore impossible to do without it: it is a medical prescription.

The only beneficial effect of the heat wave found to date: the “summer penis” effect , in other words the fact that the penis grows considerably because the blood vessels, under the effect of the heat, dilate. Do you still have to want or be able to use it? For this, there are solutions to continue loving ourselves “under the … Read the rest