THE SCENE: A burlesque show that fills the stage
San Francisco Chronicle
Thursday, June 13, 2002
BIGGER _IS_ BETTER: Big Burlesque’s Fat-Bottom Revue is back!
June, 2002

More Feedback from Audience Members

“Your show was the highlight of my conference experience” — Abundia Retreat participant

“Watching you and the other dancers perform was inspiring and empowering” — NOLOSE participant

“You ladies are HOT!” — Queer Cabaret audience member

“WOOOHOOOOO! YEAH! OWWWWWWW!” — Burning Man audience member

“You were so very incredible!! Big Burlesque’s part of the show was really wonderful and I’m glad I came to Venue 9 to see you. Who is the belly dancer? She is very good at what she does.” – appreciative audience member

“I was invited to the Big Burleque show by a dear friend of mine. It was absolutely mezmerizing and sexy. The sassy and confident women struttin’ their hot stuff on stage was enough to make me pass out. I loved it and will come back for more. Pure energy– A great show!” – Red, San Franciso

“I just had to write and thank you so much for promoting good self image for bigger women here in portland……….It was so damn awesome to get up there and dance with you in front of 500 people that nite. You have no idea how this has made me feel. Thank you is just not enough. I hope you are coming back next year so we can do it again. Ok so my next question is…….i would like to start a burlesque show like yours here in Portland. Do you think that would be possible? And what or how would I do that? Thank you again so much, you made me feel so beautiful sexy and glamorous as a big size woman…………Thank you.” – Anonymous

“I especially LOVED, ok, did I say LOVED? LOVED that last number, with the fat rockettes all in a row in their synchronized outfits and the synchronized glove removals and synchronized sexy action. DAMN! I thought I was in an old movie, colorized and digitally remastered especially for me! You were all fucking incredible. Truly.” – Max Airborne

“I totally agree with Max…the last number was one of the most incredible things i have seen in a live production…” – Judy G.

“You are “blow-my-mind” hot”. – an admiring fan

“Over the weekend I attended the Fat Bottom Revue show at Luna Sea… I would definitely have to agree that indeed it was a fun and entertaining show, but I also took something away from the show that I was not anticipating. Emotional self realizations and a connection of how/why feelings regarding society and its view on the larger population in general… I would love to attend a Full Monty workshop and gather some friends for it as well… I fully applaud what you have created and continue to example for others, I think it is much needed and from my stand point very appreciated, especially in today’s world.” – Brianna M. Sylvers

“The show was incredible… especially your performance. You look so sexy, powerful, and in charge when you’re on stage. I’m not usually submissive, but I couldn’t help thinking that I’d love giving up my control to you.” – Anonymous

“What an amazing show! It was life-affirming to see those bountiful beauties in all their glory! Everyone was so wonderful, I can’t even pick a favorite. Thank you for bringing me this taste of overwhelming joy! Can’t wait for the next show!” – Audience member at Mardi Gras Party and Performance, Saturday March 1 at LunaSea theater in SF