Joe Cada: The guy who won WSOP 2009 at the tender age of 21

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WSOP is the short form of World Series of poker. WSOP competitions are normally held every year. Winning any competition in WSOP is a big deal. Winning a WSOP competition at the tender age of 21 is an even bigger deal. Joe Cada is without a shadow of doubt a great name in poker.

WSOP competitions are normally held in Las Vegas. It is the dream of most poker fanatics to visit Las Vegas during the course of these competitions. Las Vegas is usually a buzz with activities during WSOP events. During such events, there is normally a huge presence of poker players from different countries in Las Vegas. Players from different countries are normally accompanied by sports journalists from their countries. The media presence in Las Vegas during the course of WSOP events is normally heavy.

The winner of the main competition of WSOP events normally goes home with a WSOP bracelet. Such a player will also be given a lot of money. All winners of WSOP events will feature in WSOP hall of fame for their entire life. Joe Cada won the 2009 WSOP bracelet. The total earnings of Cada during 2009 WSOP are estimated at $ 8, 546,435.

Before participating in WSOP 2009, Joe was an active online poker player. Joe Cada is more of an online poker player than an offline poker player. Before the 2009 event, Cada had 6 years of experience of this game. The online earnings of Cada before 2009 WSOP totaled to $551,778. Cada gave half of this money to financers so that they could give him a financial backing for the WSOP tournament. Cliffy Josephy and Eric Haber are the two financiers who gave Cada a financial backing during WSOP 2009. These two financiers are professional poker financiers.

Joseph Cada hails from Michigan. During 2009 WSOP, Cada’s fans from Michigan wore t-shirts having team colors of Michigan wolverines. The team colors of Michigan Wolverines are blue and maize. The words Joe Cada “The Kid’ was imprinted on the t-shirts. Cada had about 100 fans wearing t-shirts imprinted with his name during the 2009 WSOP event.

At age 16, Cada used to cross the Detroit border to Canada to play online poker. It is illegal to play online poker in the US. Cada is presently campaigning for online poker to be legalized in the US. According to Cada, poker is not a gambling activity but it is a sporting activity. Cada started playing in Canadian casinos at age 19. In the US, one can play in casinos if he/she is over 21 years. Apart from playing in the US and Canada, Joseph has also played poker in Costa Rica and Bahamas.

Joseph Cada is also an ardent investor in the stock exchange. A number of scholars have argued that a person who is good in poker can also be good when it comes to investing in the stock exchange. Investing in the money market just as playing card games requires analytical skills.

Many poker fanatics have heard of the name Joe Cada. This name is a household name in the world of poker. Cada is celebrated as the winner of 2009 WSOP. He won the main event of 2009 WSOP at the tender age of 21.

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